Krzysztof Seweryn


Attorney Krzysztof Seweryn

A specialist in commercial law

• Law graduate at the faculty of law and administration of the Jagiellonian University In Kraków.

• Shows versatile preparation for the profession of a lawyer by successful submission of the exams for: a judge (1974), attorney-at-law (1976), patent attorney (1981).

• In 1995 he was entered on the list of attorneys of the District Bar Association in Kraków.

• An expert in the field of commercial law, in particular companies law, trade in securities and commercial contracts.

• Has more than 40 years of experience in legal-economic and legal-tax services for entrepreneurs.

• Runs a law firm in Kraków.


  • General legal services for a business entity (businesses operating in the legal formula of commercial law companies, partnerships, cooperatives or individual entrepreneurs),
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts and agreements in economic trade,
  • Services for companies and partnerships within the regulation of corporate rights,
  • Legal services for individual businesses and investments,
  • Consulting and service in the field of securities law,
  • Representation in administrative proceedings,
  • Procedural services before common and administrative courts,
  • Pursuing claims,
  • Protection of the interests of taxpayers in criminal-fiscal matters.

Law firm in Kraków (30-039), Ul. Józefitów 10/7.