Privacy Policy

§1. General provisions

1. In order to keep the right to privacy of the service users and to fulfil the law requirements, the administrator publishes a document, in which he explains and informs about the way that the data provided by the users of the service is collected, processed and secured.
2. The administrator provides his users the possibility of using the website in an anonymous way. The administrator collects information on the interactions of users with the websitesite, its content and services, including: device and login information, the So-called system logs, containing, among others, the date, time of visit and the ip number of the device from which the connection was made, and data on the statistics of the site visibility, traffic to and from individual websites. The above mentioned actions are aimed at improving the website and adapting it to the needs of its users.

§2. Use and sharing of personal data

1. The administrator does not collect, process or store users’ personal data, except for data provided in contact forms and IP.

§3. “Cookies” policy and other mechanisms of automatic data storage on the user end devices and/or transmitted by the user automatically.

1. The website uses the mechanisms of automatic data storage (mechanism types: “cookies”, “local storage object”, “session storage object”). They are used to improve the adaptation of the service to the needs of its users. For the purpose of this policy, the automatic data storage mechanisms shall be designated as “cookies”.
2. “Cookies” are files saved on the user’s end device, used to identify the user’s browser and its state during the use of the website. They allow for provision of information on the state of the browser to the administrator, with regard to the service operation.
3. The administrator informs that third parties may place their “cookies” in them and read them from users’ browsers.
4. Most of the “cookies” are the so-called session cookies that are automatically deleted from the hard drive at the end of the session (after closing the browser window).
5. The user may at any time switch off the service of receiving “cookies” in his browser, however, the effect of such change may cause obstacles related to the provision of services provided through the website.
6. For mobile devices, analogically as for stationary devices, a mechanism of receiving “cookies” files is used, enabling to store information related to a given user.
7. Due to the variety of browsers and applications for the service of websites, ”cookies” management in different browsers looks differently, therefore before using the services we recommend to familiarze with the privacy management/safety functions located in the menu of user’s browser, and configuring them in a way preferred by the user. failure to change the settings of the browser in the field of managing the “cookies” files will cause the “cookies” files to be automatically transferred to the end device of the user.
8. The contents of the “cookies” files do not allow for identification of the users. No personal data are processed through them.
9. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the latest versions of internet browsers available.

§4. Access logs

1. During the use of the website, access logs are collected and analyzed, containing information about the ip number of the user’s end device and the type of browser used by the user for this purpose. The information so obtained are used for the purposes of the service administration and for analysis of statistical interactions of users with the service. In accordance with the provisions of article 18 section 6 of the act of 18 july 2002 on the provision of electronic services as well as other applicable laws, the administrator may be obliged to provide the above data for the administrative authorities.

§5. Links to other websites

1. This document applies to only. The administrator is not responsible for links included in the website that allow the users to go directly to websites which are not administered by the administrator. We encourage you to read the content of the privacy provisions published on the linked websites.

§6. Changes to the privacy policy

1. The administrator is undertaking to keep the privacy policy up to date at the footer of the website.

§7. Contact

1. Questions and comments on the privacy policy and their compliance should be directed electronically to the e-mail address: