“Neminem laedit, qui suo iure utitur.” (latin. One who enjoys his own right injures no one)

Comprehensive service for complex business ventures:
– planning and correction of investment projects in terms of applicable law, including tax law institutions and accounting instruments,
– legal security of investments or other business ventures,
– reviewing and legal services for business plans,
– consulting in the fields of legal-investment, economic and the use of accounting instruments,
– agreements in business trading,
– protection of the invested assets,
– review and analysis of facts in terms of economic and legal-tax situation.

Legal and accounting services for business entities (companies, partnerships, associations, foundations, organizational units without legal personality, individual entrepreneurs):
– establishing, transforming and liquidation of business entities,
– current accounting and tax service for business entities.

Help for entrepreneurs at risk of insolvency:
– restructuring of businesses and entrepreneurs,
– bankruptcy handling,
– arrangements with creditors,
– protection of creditors,
– stabilization and optimization of the use of debt assets.

The use of economic and legal-tax instruments:
– accounting service,
– consulting, opinions, legal and tax studies and analysis – including in the field of value of economic entities,
– legal and economic analysis, including the legality, validity and advisability of investments and economic projects,
– use of EU funds,
– use of local and targeted (periodic) aid programmes.

Method of providing services

• Using own office and conference facilities, at the customer’s headquarters, by electronic means of communication, by the cooperant in another location.
• Legal advice at a distance, possibility of using an individual customer counsellor.

Co-operation of specialists

• Possibility of mutual consultation between specialists within the group, attaching a specialist or specialists for services provided by a group member.
• Comprehensive service for business ventures by the group as a whole team of specialists.

Services agency

• Agency for related or legal services from the domestic and foreign areas.

Employee outsourcing

• Possibility of hiring the specialized personnel of the group members.

Additional services

• Storage and destruction of documents, deposits, business intelligence, real estate trading, training.

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