“Honesta fama melior est pecunia” (Latin: A good reputation is more valuable than money)

What we know and like to do?

Economic turnover, particuarly understood as all legal aspects of business ventures’ activities and their being on different stages of their formal existence in trade, is a favorite discipline and at the same time a preferred field of work of specialists in the G5S. Besides the obvious issues such as establishing, merging, transforming of companies and shutting down their activities by liquidation of these companies or other entities within the business turnover, the specialists are also familiar with the legal-tax issues related to concentration of economic entities (capital groups, consortiums, holdings, concerns) or also initiatives relating to the takeover of business entities in a contracted manner or done without mutual agreement (the so-called hostile takeovers). „The salt of the earth” for business entities is their correct accounting. In the day of remote provision of services, the G5S provides services for companies and partnerships not only located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship (Kraków) but also for those active in other voivodeships (regions) of this country. Services for business enterprises can be provided regardless of one’s place of activity.

Investments are inseparably linked with the economic turnover. Without reasonable investing, it is impossible to survive on a market full of competitive entities. Every investment process, except for securing sources of necessary investment capital in financial means, production, technology, intellectual contribution and a qualified personnel – requires effective legal and tax protection. Including – except specific legal activities with related procedures and forms – it is worth to pay attention to pre-planning and detailed tax consulting. In this field G5S specialists also had a chance to show their quality by participating in investment processes, sometimes even in multi-stage ones.

In the age of poor state of many areas of market economy, forced by recession in numerous sectors, members of the G5S have also specialized in the provision of services facilitating or even making it possible to continue further activity of business entities struggling through temporary or permanent hardships – organizational or financial ones. In this aspect, g5s specialists offer help for entities who have a problem with a creditor – not only by a one-time debt relief. Protection of a debtor against his removal from the market in not only related to reduction of his debt. It is, first of all, a restructuring of a company with liquidity problems – which should also prevent similar problems in the future. Restructuring should be entrusted to an external professional, who – while not being personally or capitally related to the audited entity, nor being otherwise dependant on it – will objectively evaluate the possibility of implementing real corrective activities and suggest the most convenient way to proceed them.

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